Having windows issues, Need advise how to protect my node while reinstalling windows

There might be a thread already for this, but im needing to reinstall windows 11, that is running my node.

Everything is running fine, just having some windows system issues. I will probably reinstall using USB and formatting the drives completely, can someone explain the cleanest way and explain it for a dummy to make sure i dont screw up my node?

You need to save Identity folder, and Storagenode folder in Program Files and data, after can recreate from this


do i reinstall storj and then just copy and replace the identity and storagenode folder? or whats the process once the windows install is finished?

yes, but be careful when you install it, if you point to existing node location, it may rewrite your databases or folders with data.

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okay im gonna install windows now, so should i point it somewhere different then change it in the config file?

perfect i did it, and everything is working! Thanks for your help!

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