Hdd is not full

hdd is 760gb set on first boot 5 month ago 740gb 20gb free. so it shut be free space around 20gb not 70

I’m not sure to understand fully your issue. But beware of units:

If you configured your node to use “740GB” (base 10 unit), that equals “689.179GiB” (base 2 unit)
If your disk is a 760GB disk, it means it’s a “707.805GiB

Many operating systems report sizes in GiB even though they display “GB” (Windows, some linux utility like “df” too unless option “-H” is used, …)

So the first thing would be to clarify what units we’re talking about. The node software does use the base 10 unit if you use “GB” (or “TB”).

As a side note, you should let a bit more than 20GB of free space on a 760GB node. 70GB to 80GB of free space would be safer, as per the official recommendations.

What exact parameter did you put in your docker command to configure the storage size allocated to your node?

im not use docker.i run windows on set up i set 740gb and leave 20gb free

So you’re saying that…

  • You have a 760GB disk.
  • You configured your node to use up to 740GB so 20GB remain free.
  • Currently your node says it’s full, but your disk still have 70GB of free space instead of 20GB.

Is that correct?

My only guess would be that your disk is actually 760GiB but reported wrongly as a “760GB” disk by Windows where it actually is a 816GB disk.

In which case you would have 816 - 740 = 76GB of free space (70GiB).
So it makes sense.

EDIT: Fixed my maths. All adds up now.

correct my hdd are 760gb. on set up was setting up 740gb and 20gb free space. today i notice in storj dashboard it shows 740gb is almost full free space 400mb and trash 1gb. but on disk it shows 70gb are free space.

and it say used space 692gb and free space 71.6gb

Windows shows GB, but it’s actually GiB. 692GiB used is 743GB. The free 71.6GiB is 76GB
Since you specified the 740GB in node configuration, the storagenode will see only -3GB of free space in total (exclude trash), so it’s definitely full.

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so its everything fine no need to worry?

Yes, everything fine. Just Windows shows wrong measure units.

thank you for your time

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i have question for if i upgrade internet speed it will increase data incoming or it will be same? as for now im use 300mb planning upgrade to 1gbe as i move my nodes from small hdd to 40tb

It won’t change anything, 300mbps is already way more than the network uses in average these days.
Filling up 40TB would take years.

Have a look at this:

i invest not for one month im not expecting to get back roi in 6month. if i made good calculation my roi it back after 1.5year. my goal for now get minimum 300usd per month

and i hope in future storj increase data income and i will earn more

As per @BrightSilence’s estimator, it would require around 60TB of filled storage to get 300$/month, and it would take more than 10 years to get there with current activity.

Besides, you’ll have to substract electricity cost from that…

My advice in any case would be to add storage little by little as needed, otherwise it will be difficult to cover electricity (and investment) costs upfront.

We all do, but right now we should stick to what we know of the Tardigrade network :slight_smile:


my el is free im not worry about it. im more interesting how fast it fill 10tb as my plans run 4x server with minimum 20tb

Wow you’re lucky!

That would be a total of 80TB. That’s virtually unreachable right now, unless each one of your servers runs behind a different public /24 subnet IP.

his is also not a big problem 12usd per month it cost 1gbe from isp provider im already order second line and upgrade from 300mb to 1gbe also

Alright then, we really don’t have the same constraints you and me, everything costs me a lot more :wink:

for me cost only hdd and extra expanders else is almost free