Held Return Amount

I have two storj nodes, one has a net total of $8.42 and the other has $24.92. However, when I received the payout for last month, I got only 45.25 storj, at the time storj was worth about .45 per coin, so roughly $20. It looks like the held returned was not returned. Is this a GUI bug or is there an issue I should know about?

Check your log for errors having the keyword listing orders. Also tell me the number of files inside the folder orders/unsent

Part of the returned held amount is belongs to Stefan satellite, which was paid in September.
You can check it on the dashboard, scroll down to the “Payout history”. Under the satellite.stefan-benten.de:7777 you should see a held amount returned and TX id.

Thanks Alexey, the held return amount was paid during the august payout.