Hello! SNO from Central, USA [99.63%]

Hello from Central USA,

Happy to be here to help the decentralized economy thrive. This could serve as a template/ideas for SNO to share their skills, configurations and success rates to help share information. Hopefully sharing this information can help the network be more optimized. With enough data this could help future SNOs find the best balance for cost/performance.

SN Performance:
[provide calculation script]
[Stress Test]
Download Success Rate: 99.69%
Upload Success Rate: 99.63%
[No Stress Test]
Download Success Rate: 95.3%
Upload Success Rate: 29.3%

Average Download rate:
Average Upload Rate:
Peak Rate: 110Mb/s

SN Specifications
4cores at 3.2Ghz
5TB Shared over 10Gb SSD cache iSCSI
Disk IOPS [Suggest standard test script]
WAN: 1Gb Down / 1Gb Up, No Cap [ISP]

NetData Alerts:
[link to netdata info]
Interrupts bound to single core for NIC on StorageNode Box
Fixed - SWAP space utilization high on NAS.

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