Help: Extended Internet Outage

This winter storm we are going through here in Texas has taken out my ISP for an extended period. Last time I had both power and internet at the same time was Sunday (14 Feb 2021) afternoon. How long does it take to become suspended? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate the damages to my reputation without being able to connect to the internet?

Not sure where to post this and not sure where to start.

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You have 12 days before getting suspended.
Then, you have 7 more grace days to fix rhe problem, before getting disqualifed for good.
More precisely:

I believe disqualification for being offline after this total of 19 days is not active yet, but any node offline for more than 30 days in a row does get disqualified.

I’m not sure what could be done in all honesty :confused:

Moving the node somewhere where there is still Internet (at a friend’s maybe? Family?) and reconfigure their ISP box so ports are correctly forwarded (and DDNS setup, if needed) + reconfigure the node so it uses the new domain name and ports if applicable…

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If you have a smartphone and power for a short time, you can get it online for just a few minutes so it makes contact with all satellites. The online score will drop a lot and the node might even get suspended but as it was online shortly, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting disqualified after 30 days of not being online. However, I sure hope your situation won’t last for 30 days!

That would work if port forwarding is possible on mobile connection. I’m not sure all mobiles/operators can do that… But it’s worth investigating I guess :slight_smile:

Good point. Not sure it counts as online if the node contacts the satellite but the satellite is unable to reach the node afterwards. might need confirmation from devs on that one but I guess you are right…

take the baby out of the bathtub, dry it and put it somewhere dry…
then hook up some mobile internet or call elon… usually atleast until recently one could get broadband over long distance module like signals.

something like that and maybe limiting ingress… tho to be fair with our ingress as it has been for the last few months… most likely not really going to matter much…

you don’t need a ton of bandwidth, a couple of mbit if you can leech them over some wifi from somebody that has working fiber somewhere close… certain getting the node up again would be nice to avoid the suspension… ofc really a suspension isn’t that bad… but still for every day you are offline more and more data might be replaced on the network… so you should expect significant % of your total to be lost… like say maybe 5 - 10 %

think i lost about 500gb on my 14.5 tb node with something like 4 days of dt over a month.
so nothing serious… but it takes a long time to recover that these days…
ofc all the other damages people might have in texas right now… well all those water out of walls and cellings videos… are just terrifying…

If the satellite is unable to reach the node, audits considered as offline. So - no.
If you would use a mobile connection, you also would be forced to use a VPN with port forwarding.
Some mobile operators can give you a public IP for additional price but you should use some router anyway, because smartphone doesn’t have a port forwarding feature out of a box.

oh right, online time is online through audits which need port forwarding…

That would arleady be enough to get a node online shortly (well you actually have to wait for an audit from each satellite to count as online right?)

mobile data subscriptions here are pretty extensive these days… think last i saw was 50GB on the high end… if not multiple hundreds of GB might have been 500gb i remember thinking that would last a few days atleast

ofc with a big node, and a busy network that won’t last long, oh nope only 50gb
just checked the pricing tho… a mobile company here offers free data… for only 15$ to 30$
not really cheap… but in a pinch i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t think twice… especially if i couldn’t get anything else maybe for weeks…

the vpn idea is pretty good… one could also set it up on a vps with a vpn like connection to the vps if one only has like upnp or whatever to work with.
i will bet 99% of all mobile providers would support upnp

I saw the weather is clearing up there or they say so at least in the news reports. So you should only be offline for a couple of days so that should not get you disqualified I think.