Hi, I have a question about uptime and payouts

Last month I had a downtime at night over 16h. This would have to be deleted in December. Still, I do not have 100% at the start of the month in the dashboard. Its now at 95% Does that mean I will not get paid this month for December and Januar too?

Downtime calculation is shown on your dashboard for your node’s lifetime. It will not reset. The only way to get disqualified is going below threshold of downtime and audit. Currently disqualification due to downtime is paused till Storj implements a better way to incorporate it in the system.

You will get paid for Dec and Jan.

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The problem is that it only displays the lifetime completely and not the billing month.
So you do not know if you are disqualified.

As an example, I was 100% online this month, but the dashboard still says 95,8%

If you are getting uploads/downloads then you aren’t disqualified. You can use dashboard api to find your score.


And my experience is, since I’ve fallen below 99%, I only charge 4GB per day …

What do you mean by that ?

2019-12-01: 5.55 Ct recv: 2.84 GB sent: 2.40 GB
2019-12-02: 4.42 Ct recv: 3.28 GB sent: 2.19 GB
2019-12-03: 1.52 Ct recv: 1.38 GB sent: 760.46 MB

I hope you know this isn’t mining so you can’t expect to get set amount of GBs every day based on your rep.

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Yes I know,
but I also know that my other node gets allocated a lot more GB at a different location without downtime

Data uploads and downloads performed by customers. The physical location of your node can take a noticeable difference. If your node close to the customer, it could win the race for pieces from that customer more often.