Host suggestion

hi I’m new to STORJ and decided to host a node myself.
I’m currently using an unused PC with a 8TB drive on it.
I have a two options :

  1. run linux and use docker to run Storjnode, the the pc will be dedicated to storj only.
  2. install Truenas Scale and run Storjnode as a docker app, so I can also use this machine as NAS.

what’s your suggestion or opinion in turn of performance and easy of installation/maintenance , any downside to install over Truenas? or do you have any other suggestion on the setup?

Thank you

OpenMediaVault - no problems :slight_smile: and as a NAS and as a docker host

If you only have one 8TB disk there and don’t plan to expand later, and don’t need NAS – then go with whatever is easier and more familiar to you.

If you want to also have a nas for other uses, plan to add more drives, have a pool for redundancy, more RAM for caching, etc, and then share extra space to storj – I would go with TrueNAS. There is a lot of debate on merits of hosting storj storage on a redundant array vs 1 disk per one node, you can find the discussion threads on this forum. For me it wasn’t really a choice – I already had a pool and array. Storj was an afterthought simply because I ended up with extra 10TB I don’t seem to be using. So the decision would depend on whether this contraption is NAS first and foremost or purely storj node.

As a side note - with TrueNAS I would go with Core 12, not Scale; and run the node inside a fresh jail, simply because it’s more stable, and I’m personally more familiar with FreeBSD compared to Linux. I had to write a bunch of scripts to simplify installing the node on TrueNAS, and added a simple shell script to replace the stock updater which does not know how to restart the service on freebsd, and it “just works” for a few months now, very hands-off and rock solid. (In a hindsight I perhaps should have create a STORJ plugin for TrueNAS … but I haven’t. )

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Thanks for sharing, never heard of it, will definitely check it out!

thanks for sharing.
Yes TrueNas Scale is overkill for me especially with the need to config kubernetes is way too complicated. I will try to run Linux first, and maybe try out Core and use your script!