How can i get another identy token to run a 2 or a 3 node?

How can i get another identy token to run another node next to mine right now ?
I can not apply to the list again so how do i do it

Register with new email

Hey @Taktlos welcome to the forums!

As ayaseen said, you can register for a new token by using a different email:

If you’re still having trouble, let us know!

Hi @Dylan, my friend wanted to get auth token, after he put email, he got message on step 3 of this web site to check his email, because token will be sent shortly, it said, but theres no mail since, (its been 12h+)

please tell your friend to file a support request at (there is a button at the top right to make support requests). Please ask them to share with us the email address they used to sign up. It is possible that the email with the auth token bounced if his inbox was full or otherwise unavailable for message delivery for any reason. We can find out what happened only if they give us their email address though.