How can i reduce upload speed

Hello i have the problem that storj use all my upload speed and i cann do nothing for a while, Anybody havea solution?

Hi @jens20tb
It depends on your setup and where a limit could be implemented. For my setup I would bandwidth limit in my router for the storagenode IP.

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i have fritzbox cable 6591 , i think there is no posibility for bandwidth limit in fritzbox
it exist a option to write something in config.yaml ?

In FritzBox-Router you can Setup „Priorisierung“.
There you can set a low prio for your Node-Maschine.
I use this Feature for my Nodes, too.
My Wife and Kids would Not be amused of the whole Connection is Blockes by Storj xd

and then “Hintergrundanwendung” you mean this

Reduce your allocated space to the point that your storage node will not accept any new uploads. That will not cut your download traffic directly but it will keep it on a stable level and not increase it any further. I would expect a slow decrease in download traffic after a week or so. It seems like some customers generate download traffic within one week after the upload. So if you pause uploads for a week you should also pause the associated downloads. It might just take some time to see that effect.

What is OP’s region and ISP? My upload is so underutilized…

I think its Germany. Unfortunately most of us has to deal with old DSL-Connections (copper-line) and Uploads between 1 and 40mbits :confused:

Yes it is Germany and my provider is vodafon Cabel, My ISP had proplems with the upload channel since saturday and till today Monday they not had resolve this problem…