How do I manually update a windows instance and why was this not mentioned anywhere?

I’m running a single node on windows on version 1.12.3 and i’ve had zero ingress traffic since the 6th.

Do I need to update or something?

yes you need to update.

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How do I manually update a windows instance and why was this not mentioned anywhere?

You are right, it’s not mentioned, because the manual update doesn’t supported.
Since that version has a bug, the solution is (elevated PowerShell):

Stop-Service storagenode-updater;
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; curl -o "$env:TEMP\";
Expand-Archive "$env:TEMP\" "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\" -Force;
Start-Service storagenode-updater;
Start-Sleep 15;
Get-Content "$env:ProgramFiles/Storj/Storage Node/storagenode-updater.log" -tail 10;

Alternatively you can download manually the storagenode-updater for Windows from the latest release, unpack it, stop the storagenode-updater service and replace the actual storagenode-updater.exe in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\" folder with a new one, then start the storagenode-updater service back and check logs of storagenode-updater.

I meant why was it not mentioned that everyone had to manually update to the latest version to get ingress traffic? Isn’t the windows install meant to automatically update?

There appears to be no official statement from Storj about updating to the latest version to continue receiving ingress traffic. Even the dashboard says the minimum allowed version is 1.12.

That’s what my thread was about and we got official answers there: No ingress on 1.12.3 - #41 by SGC

yes it is, so something on your installation might be broken/service not started. You should never need a manual update afaik.

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A regular user had to make a thread on a community forum and someone replied 3 days later explaining the issue? I wouldn’t call that an official statement.

So it turns out my node has failed to update since the 2nd.

2020-10-02T13:07:11.526+0100    INFO    Downloading versions.   {"Server Address": ""}
2020-10-02T13:07:12.042+0100	INFO	Download started.	{"From": "", "To": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"}
2020-10-02T13:07:13.698+0100	INFO	Download finished.	{"From": "", "To": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"}
2020-10-02T13:07:13.801+0100	INFO	Restarting service.	{"Service": "storagenode"}
2020-10-02T13:07:13.801+0100	INFO	Service restarted successfully.	{"Service": "storagenode"}
2020-10-02T13:07:13.802+0100	INFO	Download started.	{"From": "", "To": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"}
2020-10-02T13:07:14.309+0100	INFO	Download finished.	{"From": "", "To": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"}
2020-10-02T13:07:14.406+0100	INFO	Restarting service.	{"Service": "storagenode-updater"}
2020-10-02T13:22:11.525+0100	INFO	Downloading versions.	{"Server Address": ""}
2020-10-02T13:22:12.062+0100	INFO	Version is up to date	{"Service": "storagenode"}
2020-10-02T13:22:12.062+0100	INFO	Download started.	{"From": "", "To": "C:\\windows\\TEMP\\"}
2020-10-02T13:22:13.499+0100	ERROR	Error updating service.	{"Service": "storagenode-updater", "error": "open C:\\Program Files\\Storj\\Storage Node\\storagenode-updater.1.13.3.exe: The file exists.", "errorVerbose": "open C:\\Program Files\\Storj\\Storage Node\\storagenode-updater.1.13.3.exe: The file exists.\n\tmain.downloadBinary:62\n\tmain.updateSelf:64\n\tmain.loopFunc:36\n\*Cycle).Run:152\n\tmain.cmdRun:116\n\\n\\n\*Command).execute:840\n\*Command).ExecuteC:945\n\*Command).Execute:885\n\\n\\n\tmain.(*service).Execute.func1:55\n\*Group).Go.func1:57"}

Sorry that I did not answer on your question faster than after 6 hours since your topic has published.


I wasn’t replying to you.

The thread that my original post was one before you moved it, No ingress on 1.12.3 was created by a regular user saying that 1.12.3 no longer gets ingress traffic, then 3 days later Stefan replies with an answer.

Would it not be better to make official announcements when there are potentially breaking changes that could affect the income of a SNO ?

There is zero documentation (other than your post containing some PS which no doubt you will call official docs) about manually updating a windows instance because “you shouldn’t have to”. I have gone two weeks with no ingress traffic due to a bug in the updater service.


I’m sorry that you did not notice it earlier.
I would suggest to monitor your node from time to time.

There was no breaking changes as far as I know. The node with an old and outdated version can stop to work, it’s expected, because protocol got changes and improvements all the time.

The bug with updater is known and mentioned in the release notes:

I would like to suggest you to subscribe on that tag:

The “breaking change” was that nodes lower than the minimum recommended but higher than the minum allowed version don’t get ingress and can’t submit orders. That was never mentioned anywhere before. Hence my frustration about it in that thread and understandably the frustration by other SNOs running into the same problem despite their node running with a higher version than the minimum allowed.

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This should be recommended in the documentation, so that everyone setting up their first node knows about this tag.

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The windows updater v1.12.3 and v1.13.1 are able to download a new version but they will fail to restart the storage node and more important they will fail to restart themself.

That sounds like a breaking change to me.

Even after a manual storage node update when the dashboard is showing the latest version the storage node updater might still fail to update itself.

So the node still won’t work after a manual update? That sounds pretty broken.

I followed the instructions in the release notes and replaced the updater and restarted the service but I got the exact same error. I then used the latest version you linked which no longer errors however my node wasn’t updated until I restarted both services.

My issue is now fixed but there are clearly other SNOs that aren’t exactly happy with the “latest” changes. It would be good if documentation can be updated and if Storj employees communicate better to prevent a repeat of this in the future.

How else they should communicate?
The release notes are published even with a workaround.
But you did not read, fine. Then you noticed a problem and we helped you to fix it.
I hope now you know how to monitor your node and where read about changes.

By the way, bugs are bugs, they are not a new breaking features… they must be fixed.

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I’m completely amazed by your attitude and how you’re denying any accountability.

I followed the release notes, they didn’t fix it. The link pointing to the latest release in your post here fixed it.

If the code being modified has the ability to introduce breaking changes, especially around income, then an announcement should be made. I’m not talking about new features.

I’ve just read the whole “No ingress on 1.12.3” thread by @kevink and it’s absolutely appalling the way it has been handled.

It’s extremely ironic that @stefanbenten said to use the official updater whilst it was completely broken.

The official updater was broken and there is zero documentation for how to manually update a windows node.

This in particular was a completely ignorant reply. Why don’t you liquidate Storj if SNOs aren’t required.

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Hold on your breath for a minute please.
Doing partial quotes without context is a very bad behavior. Especially the last one was not an ignorant reply. It just states that not operating according to the recommended setup, may cause things to not work out as planned. The soft limit is not a requirement to operate a node and thats what that quote is about…

If you look at the source code, the soft limit selection has been around since ~v1.1, so for months and no real issues arrised before. The foundational issue in the mentioned thread was simply the broken updater and/or manual updates (on a too low cadence).

This is not a fight, we are all working on this together. We try our best to make everyones ride as smooth as possible, but there are certainly pot holes that are bigger than expected.

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I appreciate the last one may not have been ignorant as it wasn’t entirely clear what you meant by it but you have to understand the frustration experienced by SNOs, not just myself.

I am totally understanding this frustration. All i can do is apologize and encourage to help improve the tooling :slight_smile:
Lets not start a battle, rather spending the time to get the stuff fixed! :muscle:

With v1.14.7 hopefully the auto updater is now bulletproofed enough. By watching the nodes updating successfully from v1.14.4 does seem to suppport that.

Again, i am really sorry if it looked like we do not care. But i can assure you we do try our best to do so.


I have two windows installation on different geographical locations. The first installation shows that it is running ver 1.20.2, however the latest installation shows it is running 1.21.2, I’m wondering how long does it take before the automatic update would kick in. The version 1.20.2 installation has been running for almost a month now and the new installation has been running for 3 days now. Thanks.