How long my files be stored, and periodicity logins for not deleted my files

Hello, I am a new user, I got a free account for store documents, I want know conditions of service (how long my files be stored, and periodicity logins required for not deleted my files). Thank you.

Welcome to the forum! The 150GB Free Account does not have a time limit, so as long as you do not exceed the 150GB, your files will be accessible whenever you need them. However, if you store more than 150GB (Pro Account) and your payment method at any point no longer covers usage charges generated from storing the data and downloading it, then according to the Terms of Service, Storj Labs may reduce your limits back to the Free Account limits until you pay any charges owed/add a new valid payment method. So you will still have 150GB of bandwidth available for downloads even in that case.

There is no requirement for periodic log in to the account to be able to continue accessing your data.
You only need to make sure you store your password and all encryption keys in a safe place, as Storj Labs does not have access to them and will not be able to restore your data should you lose your keys.

I agree all you Storj community, really im impressed & happy now.

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