How long to wait?

I am on the Tardigrade waitlist since maybee more than one month. Wow long do i have to wait till i can use this storj place to store my own data? Or do i miss something?

We are currently onboarding those applicants on the Tardigrade waitlist in small batches, in order to balance supply and demand. Therefore, we ask you to have patience, as the wait can still be quite long until it will be your turn, as we have thousands of others waiting in line ahead of you. Thanks for your understanding.

Now 2 monts later i already NOT get any invite to use this tardigrade storj drivespace.

We are sorry but there are still thousands of devs ahead of you on the waitlist also waiting for their Tardigrade invite. We are now incrementing the rate of sending out invite batches, however, we have to adjust the onboarding rate to what our network can currently support. And that does not only depend on the available shared space provided by SNOs on the network, but also various other factors. We have to take a measured approach to scaling up the network to make sure that those customers already testing the network will have a good experience and assure that no data is lost. Thank you for your continued patience.

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I’m really happy to see you’re enthusiasm for trying the network. We’ve been thrilled with the level of interest and the number of people who have joined the waitlist, but we we want to make sure that when developers do get access that the experience is every bit as good as they deserve.

One interesting aspect of a building a decentralized storage network, especially in the early days, is the importance of the balance between supply and demand. If you have too much demand and not enough supply, the performance will suffer. If you have too much supply and not enough demand, storage node operation won’t be economically viable, leading to high rates of churn, which again impacts performance and durability.

During the beta releases we’ve been managing the balance of supply and demand with waitlists for storage node operators and developer accounts. So far, the strategy has been working from a network stability and performance perspective. We understand that’s no consolation for developers and storage node operators who have been on the waitlist for a while.

The good news is that we’re rapidly approaching our production launch. We’ve made it all the way through the waitlist for storage node operators and have loosened the restrictions on supply. Similarly, we’re accelerating the pace at which we’re sending out developer invites to the waitlist.

We’re extremely happy with how the network and platform are progressing. It’s been a long journey bue as we’re achieving our performance, durability, reliability and availability gates, the hard work is paying off.

I hope you can be patient and stick with us as we get through the process of getting to our production launch. It won’t be too much longer.

We’ll be launching soon, and we’ve got some great things planned for 2020. Stay tuned for our upcoming Town Hall in Q1 where we’ll have a lot to share!


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