How many active customers are there in Tardigrade or Storj

how many active customers are there in Tardigrade or Storj.

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As noted in the town hall, we are currently at ~8,300 users and about 8,100 nodes.


@anon68609175: Please keep in mind that nodes that are full are still active! Nodes that are full won’t accept new data, but are still counted in our active measurements. Indeed, a node that is full but is serving lots of data is one of the best things a node could be!

Someone is unambiguously providing incorrect information and is misleading. According to my data, only 4-4.5 thousand nodes are ready to serve my requests for file storage

I know. But 8100 greater then 7967 (that count was 36 mins ago)!

Would it make more sense if we broke down the numbers in terms of nodes that are full vs nodes that are not full? You are right that ~4.5k nodes have lots of free space we’re not paying for.

Ah, yes, you are right, let me pull the actual number, hang on. (We prerecorded the video and then edited the comments before posting)

Read, Stefan wrote than ~8.1k nodes that reported/offered a disk_free space

All of our nodes report disk_free space. Some of those nodes report a disk_free space of 0.

There is significant variation across our different Satellites in terms of active nodes (each Satellite has a slightly different number given graceful exits and so on). Europe-north-1 had a peak of ~8100 yesterday, but it looks like most other Satellites are in the ballpark of ~7700-7800 active nodes.

This includes nodes that are full, and full nodes will not show up in an analysis considering uploads.

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I have a detailed statistic about storage nodes that can accept data during this month, please give me some time…

We recorded the town hall last week, when the number was 7967. It has since grown past 8,100. As JT notes, this active node number includes nodes that are live and storing/serving data, but no longer accepting new data.

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Total statistics:

This month statistics:

Satellite: 121RTSDpyNZVcEU84Ticf2L1ntiuUimbWgfATz21tuvgk3vzoA6




It’s great lower than 1-2 months ago! (from Stefan info). And I at least 200 active nodes without Stefan’s sat, so churn rate higer than 1.76%!

The question about the exact number of storage nodes and the capacity of the nodes comes up in the forums from time to time. Understanding that customers and Storj are uploading and deleting data on an ongoing basis and while we have a very reliable set of storage nodes, we do have a small amount of turnover each month, the state of the network is always changing.

Is there a problem or challenge you’re trying to solve from the node info you’re describing? Maybe there’s a different way to answer if we better understand what you’re trying to do.


Thank you for responses :slight_smile: Time flies when you are having fun! This concludes the time allotted for the hosted portion of the Q&A, and we’ll be closing out the threads shortly.

Thanks again for being with us during Town Hall

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