How many files can be stored on single Storj account?

Hello, please tell me how many files can i upload on my Storj account? Can be more than 10.000 files uploaded on it? I see something about segment limits but don’t understand if it’s segment counted as specific size or counted per file?

I see that was price per segment in year 2020 just 0.0000022$ but now costs 0.0000088$. Will be cost per file higher in future? I was planning to move my files on Storj but I’m not sure about those limits.

Segments are 64mb. So, if you upload a 1k file, it counts as 1 segment. If you upload a 100mb file, it counts as 2 segments.

The 150gb/free plan has a limit of 10,000 segments. It may not be enforced currently but it may be addressed in a future update. If you add a payment option to your plan, then you can exceed the 10,000.


Please note that if you are on a free account and your usage exceeds the 10,000 segments included in the free tier coupon, and do not add a payment method to cover the excess charges, you will be subject to having your account limits set to zero effectively freezing your account until you add a payment method. We have recently started enforcing compliance with per segment limits.

If your account is affected, you will receive a warning email before your account gets frozen so you have time to remedy the situation and avoid account suspension.

In the past we have given free account holders the chance to reduce their number of segments back below the free tier allowance to avoid suspension but account holders that are already aware of these limits now should take measures asap to avoid having their accounts impacted. If you need assistance, please file a support ticket on our help desk.