How much space used over a year?

Hi, how much space did you fill on your drives over a year ? I have approximately 8TB for a total of 16 (1 node), and its not filling verywell since a couple months (maybe 20GB more every month)

Also, i was wondering If its better to have 1 node of 16TB (current setup), or 2 nodes of 8TB ? Or is it the same ?
The first 8TB were filled pretty fast, and now its so slow.

It used to take around a year to get roughly 8TB, that sounds about right.

These days, I get around 12GB of ingress per day (repairs included - I’m not monitoring deletions though, so the effective ingress might be less than that). If activity stays quiet like this, it might get us less than 5TB per year…

Personally I think it’s better to have several nodes, so data is scattered among several disks. You mitigate the risks of losing everything by doing so, should a disk fail.

Activity on the network can vary a lot from one week to another… Tests come and go, users might join the network, others might leave it… It’s pretty unpredictable I’m afraid ^^’


Because Storj has a built in IP subnet filtering, your second node is sharing the ingress data stream with the first one. So if the network overall data demand stays the same, then your second node will fill up slower.
I did the mistake of bringing my second node up shortly after the first one and later noticed that the ingress literally halved on the first node. I did not know about the IP filtering at that point. That was a disappointing news. And like Pac pointed out, the network activity is also low right now.