How to add a node on windows without docker?

Hey guys - hope all is good.
I have filled up my 1TB drive now in my windows server. I want to increase my server with another node. How do i go about doing that? I dont use docker - i have used the windows GUI.

I am not gonna switch to linux for other reasons.
I am not gonna do Raid.
I might install docker if needed - but i whould then need to “move” my node?
I whould prefer not using docker.

Thanks alot! :smiley:

You can use my made toolbox Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox
It is not officially supported, but it working for lot of windows users.
for each node you need new identitie, in separete folder(not override first node or you kill it)
and separate port. I am running 60 windows nodes like that


Do you have a quide or something like that? :smiley:
Looks good

no there is no guide, all is realy needed writen there.

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I will give it a try

I dont really see how you software can help me create a new node? maybe you can help me?

find first installed node by search.
then fill all needed information in yellow part and click install.
All ports shold be unic.

No, you can continue to run your first node. Docker just allows you to run the second and following nodes.
See How to add an additional drive? | Storj Docs

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My program does not look like that at all? :smiley:

Ah thanks! :smiley:
I will try that then

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