How to bulk get the browser links of a folder?

I’ve uploaded ~1000 videos, called 1.mkv, 2.mkv, 3.mkv, … up to 1000.mkv, and I’d like to get all the links without clicking individually 1000 times on the share button. How can I get these? I’d like to get them in a text file.

For example in this link :
The part i set in blue are predictable so no problem for this, but I can’t predict the token in the middle part (in bold).

Is there a way to fix my problem?

If someone knows for example JavaScript and could create a script to scroll on the page and to click on the buttons to get the links.

Hi @kngw
I don’t have a solution to the specific method you are trying to use but wanted to check if you ‘needed’ different sharing links (access grants) for each file or whether creating one access grant to the whole folder would be sufficient?

You are asking for…

But would the following work for you?

It’s working !! Thank you so much !

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For anyone else who finds this thread did you use the ‘Share bucket’ option?


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