How to configure a storj node with a VPS storage?

I have taken this web page that provides VPS services from a user of this forum who published an example of renting a VPS to mount a storj node.

What I want to know is how to configure it.

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You would have also read its not recommended to rent a VPS for a node as well. Because you will not make any ROI.


You can use this Community Earnings Estimator to have an idea:

Hello. My 8TB VPS costs me 17 euros a month. He now brings in around 25-30 euros in the 8th month. So at some point you go out with a +. Assuming the server is cheap.

But you mustn’t forget that other people also get the idea and so there are many servers in this network. There are over 10 StorjNodes in my VPS subnet. And those are only those that run with the standard port. This means that it takes a long time for the server to fill up with data.

My nodes at home receive significantly more data. It makes no difference that I have a 50/10 Connection at home and the server has a 1Gbit Connection.


Does it matter if the standard port is used or not?

I don’t think so. If you operate several nodes you also have to use other ports.

He only mentioned the standard port because he did a portscan on that port, I guess.

Really? Despite having 10 other nodes on the same subnet?

Does this mean you would receive around 250€/mo if you were alone in the subnet?

I’m having a hard time to understand how that would be possible… ?

ingress is split across nodes in a subnet but not egress. So if your node already has 8TB, then the egress will be at around 20-25€ and that won’t change with the amount of nodes. neither will payment for storage itself.

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I have a hard time believing this, 8TB vps for 17 euro is 20 dollars US, even if this is the case which I doubt. You would have went into negative profit every month for 8 months, And now your barely making 8 dollars a month paying for a VPS. I don’t know how this makes sense to keep going for so long.

Then I hope you enjoy your Google search. I never tell lies! What would I get out of it… 2 CPU + 8TB hard disk space + 8GB RAM for 20$

Right, I go out with 8 euros plus every month. Yes “only” 8 euros. Almost 100 euros a year for doing almost nothing. I’m not just doing it for the money.

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Thats pretty clear to me…Whatever floats your boat and helps you sleep at night, more power to ya.

Aaah right! Never realized that. So the only downside of sharing a subnet with others if that nodes will get longer to fill up. Got it, cheers :slight_smile:

Could you share who you rent a VPS to?

I sent you a message.

Hey !

How many time do you need to receive 8TB on your VPS

From 8TB about 6.4 are filled after 7 months. As I mentioned above, there are also a lot of nodes in the subnet. As a result, each node only receives a little ingress.

How do you find out how many node are in your subnet?