How to create a new identity?

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I’m trying to setup my own node but I seem to have some complications. Im able to get docker to successfully create the storagenode container and connect to the web interface. But the web interface says the node is offline and checking docker logs the error contact:service ping satellite failed.

I believe the error stems from when I originally started the proccess for creating the storagenode identity. when I originally ran identity create storagenode shortly later my computer went into sleep mode and the ssh session closed. I reran the command on the actual computer and instead of creating a new one it seems to continue where it left off. The command says proto: duplicate proto type registered: node.SigningRequest & SigningResponse

Is there a way to create a new identity or did I mess something else up entierly?

Which OS are you using for creating the identity? Do you have another node running already? You can always create a new identity, you only have to be careful not to use the same identity for two or more nodes which will lead to a disqualification.

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Just request a new authorization token and try to sign your identity.
Then please, check it: Identity - Node Operator

The next steps for offline troubleshooting: