How to enable lazy mode filewalker

Hi, how to enable lazy mode filewalker in windows GUI in config.yaml ?
got some 1.76 ver

this doesnt work:
storage.enable-lazy-filewalker: true
storage2.enable-lazy-filewalker: true
pieces.enable-lazy-filewalker: true

Hello @Ruskiem,
It is implemented in versions newer than v1.78:

Is there a way to verify if the flag is working as intended?

okay, and how to dissable filewalker (in windows GUI), that was pre 1,78 i believe?

Edit: oh “storage2.piece-scan-on-startup: false” added in config.yaml makes filewalker work only for like 2 first minutes for 1TB node, from node start, then it goes away i like it!

Are there’s any potential consequences to leave it that way?
The hdd is only for STORj, i dont do any manula operations there.
Would like that filewalker to be always like that!
only 2 minutes! that’s every SNO’s wet dream!

Two of my Windows nodes are still on 1.76.2
Hasn´t this version rolled out completely yet?

Not yet. When the cursor field shows all f’s I believe it should be eligible to be rolled out everywhere. Until then the rollout is staggered. Even if you have multiple nodes they may not be updated at the same time.


The consequence that your node may report a wrong used and free space to the satellite and dashboard.
We have a pre-check during upload, so uploads should stop if there is less than 500MB, however, if it serve several requests, it may use more.

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