How To Forget Untrusted Satellites

I did run it and:

What am I missing?

Why is my Dashboard so different than yours? Is it the multinode dashboard?
Or for Windows nodes is different than for Docker?
I don’t know what’s the problem with mine… maybe that error in the log is related to the dashboard missing info.
I don’t know how to debug a database, but if someone from the dev team is willing to investigate, I can send him all databases from one node.
I did the forget-sat for 9 nodes.

Yes, Alexey has the multinode dashboard running. You can see in the upper right corner the “Add new node” Button


Yes, it’s a multinode dashboard.
Could you please show the issue? I now think that you mean a single node dashboard, not MND.

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That’s a lot of open tabs there! :wink:

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Yes. It’s a single node Dashboard. After the forget-satellite command, the Payout history is not displayed anymore, for any satellite. I posted the correct dashboard from a new node, that has all satellites shown. The broken one dosen’t show anything, and maybe is related to the error message in the log.
See here:

Is it possible that you purged all satellites?
Please also check databases on any case.

Nope. The other sats are fine. I can access the usage history for them, for previous months. Only the payout history is empty. If their db was purged, it means there is a bug somewere. I didn’t put their IDs nowere, not in config, not in run. I will check dbes, but I intend to delete them all, when I’m updated to 104. I need to run the filewalker anyways, better start fresh. I have the history in a xls file, so nothing is lost.

I removed that line about untrusted sats from config.yaml and stop, restart node, and voila… the payout history is back.
I don’t know if the config was to blame or the second stop/restart did the trick. I don’t want to test it anymore. Now the GE and forgot Saltlake shows also on the dashboard, but I won’t edit config.yaml again. I will let it be.

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