How to install the software on windows?


I’m trying to setup a node on my laptop, so I followed the guidance
I did the first step and got my own “Authorization Token”
but when I tried the second step which is “Generate an Identity” I got this on command windowJ_EZkE6N

how to solve it?


Please, run this command in the Powershell, as asked in the documentation, not in cmd

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thx for replying, is Powershell a software that I need to download?

It’s installed by default in all new Windows
But you can install it too

It is part of Windows so you wont need to install it. You can start Powershell from your command prompt too by typing powershell or by typing powershell in Windows Run (Windows Key+R)

If you type in Command prompt it will look something like

Windows PowerShell
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Try the new cross-platform PowerShell
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>

or open a file folder in the directory where you have the software downloaded then pull up the file menu and powershell will be right there. or alt-F will pull up the file menu in the file folder screen and click on powershell.


hold down SHIFT key and right click in empty space in the folder to open right click menu and click

Open Powershell Window here