How to move DB’s to SSD on Docker

Is this supposed to move the trash across as well?

no, and it likely may make it worse or could not work at all, because pieces moved to the trash using the OS functions, in case of the same drive it’s just update a pointer on filesystem, in case of different drives it will be forced to copy the piece to the destination, then delete it from the source, so much more I/O.

Well, the trash directory is in the storage directory. And this post mentions nothing of that. How can I work around this?

no good way. Only databases can be moved.
There are tricks, but symlinks doesn’t work. I would not help you to destroy your node, sorry :slight_smile:


So should I just manually copy over the db files to my SSD and leave the trash?

You may follow the guide from the top message, it’s working.

I moved all the db* files and it’s working. The guide need more details in my opinion. Thank you.

You can mention those details so someone else can find them useful.

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