How to move my old Tardigrade account to new Free Storj DCS account?

How to convert my old account ?

Didn’t just the address change from to

Address change is clear. I want to have the free plan

I suppose you have to register again with a new email. Free Stuff is usually for new customers.


try submit a request

Hey @tylkomat & @jensamberg there is no need to submit a support ticket or register for a new account. All Tardigrade user accounts were automatically switched over to Storj DCS accounts and everyone (new and old accounts) will be receiving free usage! Thank you for using STORJ DCS btw!


I have the old 1 Tb account. How will the switch done ?

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hello @jensamberg the switch was already done; you will still have the same limits but the free tier will only cover the 150 GB of storage and 150 GB of egress. If you use more than that you will have to pay the diffeance.

I it isn’t so . I have to pay for less then 150 GB

It is a maximum of 50gb per project I believe, for 3 projects total.

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I still have the 1 TB maximum

Me too, I’m pretty sure the maximum won’t change. You’ll just be charged for how much you go over it. But maybe @brandon can confirm.