How to recover after having been disqualified

I’ve been an early tester of STORJ. It was more for curiosity rather than a real operational usage.

But I consider now that STORJ became a reliable solution and I would like to use it as it has designed for.

The problem is that I stopped my storage nodes fro a long time. Indeed, I got disqualified which is completely normal.

So I would like to setup my storage node again, based on the identity I got a long time ago, but I cannot espace from being disqualified.

I tried to change my public hostname, the public or internal ports… However, my node is always recognized with it’s original ID, which is disqualified. My logic was proceed as if I try to start a second storage node on the same LAN.

So, how to start a fresh “out of the box node” with my initial ID (ie. official STORJ mail address & login).

Complementary question: which are the ingredients used to compute the nodeID?

You cannot recover from disqualification unless Storj manually reinstates your node which happens only on rare occasions though.
You have to start all over but this is not a problem at all. You can simply request a new auth token on your same email and create a new identity: Authorization Token - Node Operator

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This is where I landed after my investigations :wink:

But I never managed to make a “fresh” validation of my identity. The validation process always tells me that my identity is already validated.

How to request a new token?

Please delete (or move) the old identity files from the existing location. It will be trying to validate the old identity which has been disqualified.


Just sign the new identity on a separate machine and then transfer to your storj node (while overwriting the old identity files)

Plz don’t keep your old DQed identity files, because this will only cause confusion.

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