How to recover from a Linux OS/hard drive failure?

I had 3 nods running on a Linux machine but my Linux cant boot because of hard drive failure, but I can access de some data inside hard drive.
I need some help on this, what data I need to rescue and what I have to do to put a new Linux OS working with my old nods?

If I understand correctly it is only the boot drive.
Make sure your identity is save and that your storj data are on other disk(s).

Just get a new drive install Linux again and mount the other drives with the storj data. Start a new node with the identity and pointed to the new mounted drives. And everything should be okay :slight_smile: not a big issue. As long it is only your bootdrive.

Ok thanks, but where the identity folders on Linux (debian) OS?

If you created the identity on linux then its on the boot drive. If your boot drive is gone the identity is gone with it.

If you transferred it it would be where ever you transferred it preferably with the storagenode data.

You generated the identity right? So depends how and where your generated it :slight_smile:


thank you all for your assistance.