Huge amount of trash data?

Hi guys, i have about 700 Gb of trash data, how is this possible? Didn’t seem to lower itself over time. is something wrong with my node?

I also have lot of trash last several days, so i think it is deletion


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Yeah this is normal: with a larger deletion on the 6th and a smaller one yesterday a lot of data has headed to the trash in the last week.

Actually looking at just the last week… with so many deletes combined with ingress… my guess is the average node (whatever that means) is growing at about 200GB/month net these days? If it may take months to flush out the forever-free data perhaps that will be our normal rate this summer?

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I hope so. If we can onboard these customers, then we all will have a busy time!
So, lets make our nodes incredible fast!


10 nodes standing by for action, Sir! :saluting_face:


someone have a node with more than 13/15tb of paid data? not including trash of course. I think today that is the balance where you cannot move higher…

Does the dashboard say 700GB or did you check the real disk usage?

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I restarted all my nodes manually and my trash sunk from like 700gb to like a bit under 400gb


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Yeah, the items in the trash folder marked for deletion but you yet deleted will be reevaluated at reboot.

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ummm my week one node now showing 7 TB of trash…yes that’s terabytes. 9TB used now, there goes a good chunk of my income, what gives.

Looks like storj Deleted most of saltlake test data.


So it’s not only me. I lost >20% of all data across all my nodes yesterday. My oldest node lost even >55%. Wow

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Yep, my oldest node lost nearly 2TB overnight. Hopefully it’ll fill up again soon :slight_smile:

I’ve learned not to be upset with trash. It is what it is, some stuff comes, some stuff goes. :man_shrugging:t2:


For anyone interested, these are the graphs (my own monitoring, nothing to do with storj except displaying the data as exported by satellites).

US1 no data for the current month (graph empty, no point in showing)

Testing = Saltlake

I like my graphs having scales and time filtering :smile:

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It always makes it look like Storj is much more popular in Europe than the US.
I wonder why that is?

I don’t know what I should expect to see: the forever-free announcement said

…This means that for several months, for the overall network, we anticipate that the total amount of data should remain relatively constant and SNO payouts should stay fairly stable…

…but the test-data announcement said:

…In order to secure resources and to scale test, we have decided to begin to upload additional data to the SLC satellite essentially “reserving capacity” for our customer growth a few months before we anticipate it will arrive…

The test-data info is more recent… so I think we should expect overall use to go up. And historically test data was paid for… and I think the capacity-reservation data will be… but performance-related test data will be unpaid?

So… I guess I’m expecting to see large amounts of trash to be taken out… but overall SLC should begin to shovel enough new testing data into the network to slowly cause it to still grow, and for SNOs most of that test data will be paid for. :crossed_fingers:

I have many many nodes looking like this overnight. 50% test data?