Huge Congratulations on v0.31.9!


I just wanted to say a huge well done on v0.31.9! Ive thrown A LOT at it this morning and its performed seamlessly. None of the issues I experienced previously are present and it JUST WORKS!

Performance is fantastic! Ive not done any technical comparisons to AWS S3 but I can say without a doubt that it feels fast. Ive not had one single issue.

I was even impressed my traffic was rejected once i reached my limits before adding a CC.

Finally, I think we have something we can call production ready. Well done guys!!



Awesome! I guess you are talking about Tardigrade.

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@will.topping thank you so much for those kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: everyone on the team was thrilled to hear this! We have been making ALOT of changes to the network to increase performance and overall user experience. We still want to make it even better so if you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know!

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Awesome! I guess you are talking about Tardigrade.

Yep, Tardigrade. We have more to discuss about the 2020 roadmap and what’s coming for SNOs in our Townhall tomorrow

Thanks so much for the feedback @will.topping! We’ve been working hard!


Well I like the optimism here although according to my testing, not all errors have been fixed yet :smiley:
And “feels fast” is not what you can compare but I am glad you “feel happy” using tardigrade, because that’s certainly what one hopes to accomplish in customers :smiley:

However one can certainly see STORJ is working very hard on fixing bugs and improving performance and the new release definitely shows that.

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