Huge upload spike

Since yesterday evening, Storj upload traffic accross all my nodes (different physical locations) is spiking in Belgium. In the 1+ year of running I’ve never seen a spike of this magnitude, and 12 hours later, it is still going on.
Actually reaching peaks of 12+ Mbps on nodes with 20Mbps upload lines :grin:

Something up, changed or being tested on the network?

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I hope it will last long, so dont wory and be happy, money coming.

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I can see a lot of egress (downloads) - highest value ever today (lunch time, so half of the day only).

From what I can see is, that this seems to be a huge outflow of data. To calm things down, at least, dropped success rate does not show any other error than network speed issues (downloads failed due to network performance):

pi@raspberrypi:~/scripts $ docker logs sn1 --since 5h 2>&1 | grep '"GET"' | grep 'download failed' | grep -v -e 'drpc: remote closed the stream' -e 'closed network connection' -e 'connection reset by peer' -e 'broken pipe' -c

It’s coming from the US1 satellite, so it should be actual customer data and not a test, right? I wonder what could cause this. It has downloaded about 6GB from me already, and I only have 90GB stored so this should be about 10% of my US1 storage. I wonder if some huge customer is migrating to another storage provider.

Hopefully it’s just making a backup

Love it to see the network working like this :heart_eyes:

As it is a download and not an upload, at least for me, don’t think so. :slight_smile:

Memo for myself: Need to upgrade my Uplink :wink:

It could be someone backing up to a second storage provider, I think this is what they mean. So for example Storj->Cold Storage Backup.