I am getting "Error": "contact: failed to dial storage node

I am running the node via DAppNode with an external storage disk
This is the storj dashboard

On DAppNode log files, I am getting error

Dashboard is showing online and working fine apparently.

Port is forwarded properly and open on portcheckers

Hello @ZaineJJ ,
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Please read this guide how to configure QUIC: QUIC requirements | Storj Docs

Hi Alexey yes, I have read that and still encounter the error, despite entering the cmd on linux and opening port udp and tcp on my router.

You also need to update your docker run command to port map the udp, i.e. -p 28967:28967/tcp -p 28967:28967/udp

Since you mention the DAppNode, I think you need to add an issue to their repo to update their docker run command with UDP.

Okay settled it on the backend … lol

Will make an issue on the repo thx Alexey much appreciated :smiley:

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