I can see other buckets?

I can see buckets which i didn’t create…(coni and github.com)

Same with me I have about 8 pages of buckets I didnt create.

im guessing you’re on the US satellite? im on the Europe one.

Yeah US central not sure if thats why though kinda weird

i wonder if everyone on the same satellite can see the same buckets…

Could be possible if they shared but thought that was only possible with other team members

dunno, ive tried listing those buckets in the uplink and it gives me an error saying bucket not found

are the buckets with figures in the storage and egress ones you created?

Very intersting but Ive had mine for a few months now probably since july last year

No there not actually I deleted them awhile ago now to make space. Guess the ones there with engress were mine.


Hello - as some of you probably noticed I am catching up on threads and this one is clearly of import - let me boost the signal and tag engineering to ask just whats going on so we can get some answers to bring back.

Apologies for the delay, Ive been in the air for most of today with subpar patchy plane wifi, so Im still working through the days posts. thanks and I will definitely report back with any news I get as soon as I have it.


I wanted to pop in and say that Im working on a statement (positive news). Please bear with me while I work up a draft. I want to run it past my colleagues to make sure that everything is being communicated as clearly and accurately as possible.

Please also check https://status.tardigrade.io/ for updates on status.
Thank you so much, and I’ll be back soon, with a longer post.

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Great news everyone!!

All Systems Operational
Asia-East-1 ?Operational
Europe-West-1 ?Operational
US-Central-1 ?Operational

Past Incidents


Jan 24, 2020

Satellite Web Console Buckets issue:

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Jan 24, 21:31 UTC
Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Jan 24, 21:30 UTC
Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.
Jan 24, 18:07 UTC

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Thank you @jocelyn for the follow up seems like it fixed everything I dont see all the buckets anymore in my account.

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Hello everybody! As promised, here’s the scoop. Its been determined that no data or metadata was exposed.

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Thank you again @will.topping and @deathlessdd !

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