I got the tardigrade invite - registered - no confirmation email

Yesterday, I finally got my tardigrade invite.
But I did not get a confirmation email, what do I do?

Check your spam folder & if you still didn’t get the email then file a support ticket


I got this in my mail server:

2020-01-18 21:16:26 1isuW9-0003v2-Ln DKIM: d=tardigrade.io s=jxmddtvzsxubuigukj6u3eronq5huzqd c=relaxed/simple a=rsa-sha256 b=1024 i=
2020-01-18 21:16:26 1isuW9-0003v2-Ln DKIM: d=amazonses.com s=6gbrjpgwjskckoa6a5zn6fwqkn67xbtw c=relaxed/simple a=rsa-sha256 b=1024
2020-01-18 21:16:26 1isuW9-0003v2-Ln H=a8-76.smtp-out.amazonses.com [] X=TLS1.2:ECDHE_RSA_AES_128_CBC_SHA1:128 CV=no F=<0100016fba4c9c91-a7e53c7c-bd43-4c88-834d-bb1c06b3de8a-000000@amazonses.com> rejected after DATA: maximum allowed line length is 998 octets, got 5636

So, the mail was sent, but was not accepted and thus never received.

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This line length maximum is described in RFC 2821:

text line
      The maximum total length of a text line including the <CRLF> is
      1000 characters (not counting the leading dot duplicated for
      transparency).  This number may be increased by the use of SMTP
      Service Extensions.

So 1000 - CR - LF = 998 characters.

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I really hate how AWS SES implements shit like that.