I have owned the node switch for a long time. Why didn't I receive the settlement?

I have been running this node for more than 1 month
1TB + traffic and 600gb disk usage in November+
But I saw an email saying it was settled on December 3, but I didn’t have any data in my wallet
What’s the situation?
Hope to get an answer
Node ID:12aS3bFhoPaC5PkE2DFvwCHNojwGezGqikrNfw2kAy9MwmLAxxJ
Wallet: 0xc4573d7bdd1f08898be075bc5a3de85eed192984

relaxe, its an automatic Email

First 2 weeks of December aren’t over yet. Please be patient and you will get your Nov payment soon.

hi @pony! Sorry for any confusion. We have a list that we sent that email to, and wanted to be sure we reached all the folks who it could apply to, but it possible we were overenthusiatic in your case!

From what youre describing, it sounds like you’re saying your node is already set up and running. If thats the case, there is no problem. Again, apologies for any confusion!

From what I was told in the most recent conversations on this subject, payouts are going out on December 3rd. We send payouts in the first 2 weeks of each month. (So for example a SNO who;s running a node in January, would receive their STORJ tokens between Feb 1-15th. February payments would go out sometime between March 1-15, et cetera).

However if its possible to send it very early in the month, then we do it. Im explaining all this because the payout date does float. Its on the early side this month, but next month might be shifted to a different date. But you should always be safe relying in the “first two weeks” window.

When payments in a given month’s cycle have been verified as completed by my colleagues who are in charge of that task, then we update the Announcements area of the forum.

I hope at least some of this explanation was helpful. Please keep your node running, and we are happy that you’re asking great questions!

Correction – I believe the payouts are going on Wednesday, December 4th. Apologies for the typo! I understand your confusion now.

Please do also bear in mind that timezones can be variable as well. for example, I am in california and its still the 3rd here. But in New York, it is already December 4th.

Thank you so much for catching that detail. :slight_smile: Please reach out if you have more questions.

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I’ll keep an eye on my wallet
Until payment is made.
If the payment has not been made between December 4, 2019 and December 15, 2019, I will contact you


You should rather contact support helpdesk

Thank you

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