I have recived 2 txn , is it normal?

Can you elaborate more ? Are you running V2 or V3 or both ?

If its V3 then you should usually receive 4 payments from 4 satellites considering you got traffic from all 4.

If its V2 then its deprecated but still being used by customers.

v0.26.2 ? … on w10!.. i was in v2 on centos but i abandon it as i lost my id!
then i tried the windows software … it looked simplier to a “not coder” ! clic click instal … inserted my adress and … it’s running! (most of the time with power fails and things like that) for 260h.

i thought of that to … but i hope nobody else as my adress :slight_smile: !

aaaaaahhhhhh … but no. i understand that i may had been paid for my “implementing stage”!
… sorry im a bit confused but where may i see my up time and stats ?

Is dashboard not showing your node’s stats ?

dashboard … ? the only stats i have seen are the ones on the image … posted before ! …is there any other stats ?

Please click where it says “choose your satellite” to see stats for each satellite separately

yes …thank you! i was missing that block of info! it changes to percentage when we chose just one sat ! :slight_smile: (95/96/97/99 %) … and i was paid something like 90strj!
…but this are the actual stats and …the payments are for the month of October right ?


Payments for previous month have been completed so its November’s payout.

what? … i recived less than 100 storj’'s for the … full month? … where may i see what im doing wrong ? …

Please read up on the held amount in escrow.

ahhh … ok … there is some that stays in “held amount”. ok ! … thanks! so… ill have to search for it or … you help me :)… please… :slight_smile:

oh… ok! thanks! … it way … way …too much to read! but … we are a team now so … i read it … ! more or less … i think it might help making something more … “visual”! like graphs or a page where i might see that “held” amount …
i understand why its needed to secure some founds … but … is that “secure” ? will i recive the storj earned or if some law changes the amount will be held at the source!?

This is explained in the article. Please read all the way to the end :wink:

The team is working on dashboard improvements so eventually, there should also be some way to better see what is your held amount at a given time.

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yes … ill wait for that… ill trust the team! :slight_smile:
but … less than 100 storj for the last 2 months… with, i think, 1tb and 400mb up/down … is (even if… at just 25%) is … kinda … not good marketing :wink: ! right!
i could/should be using my account to “gather” more “nodes” … and with this values to show of its not easy to explain!

You are getting paid for actual bandwidth provided for egress and storage, not the total capacity of your connection. Real customers up and download their files to the network, we do not guarantee that traffic from Storj will constantly saturate your available capacity. If your node is new and still in vetting, it is currently only getting 5% of the normal traffic. Once your node is vetted, it should get more data and therefore, more payouts.

hummm…i … see… so… if i make my “job” and “you” dont… you get paid plus my held amount and i dont ?! hummmm… is the “held” being reinvested ? who pays the risk of devaluing on the held amount ? sure we will be “largely” valued if the project goes as “dreamed” … plus the flood you create on the release of all the held coin …

Please check out our blog starting back from January 2019 and read the posts that describe the fundamentals about how our network functions. We don’t get to spend any part your held amount, unless your node leaves the network unexpectedly and we need to use that held back amount to pay for repairing the lost pieces no longer available from your node. Until then, it is set aside and half will be paid out to you after your node has been online long enough, and the rest if you choose to gracefully exit. Again, this is all described in detail in our blog posts. I would urge you to not jump to conclusions.

SNOs joined the network at different times, so there is no danger of a sudden flood of tokens being dumped on the market at one time, as not everyone will get their held back amount back at the same time, nor will they necessarily all choose to immediately sell the tokens.


true… and i am trying not to jump to any conclusion or any thing like like that… we are on the same team now :slight_smile: !
i just (and this is personal ) installed the node like i install lots of other “software” … i dont have to agree with it all… i just have to respect the team decision! … i bet the team will make the best for all … or i hope ! … i just get “scared” with things i do not yet understand… :)! and its not “simple” to read all the docs right !? sometimes a few questions/answers are way faster and way more effective ! so … i thank you … really … for your time and for your “effectiveness” … i am almost sure it was more “productive” talking to “you” than to read all of it :wink: !
ps: i’d really “like” to be the smartest on the “room” but … maybe on other things :slight_smile: … not finance nor code for sure !