I switched to zkSync, I will be paid in next period or inmediatly?

Hello storjers

I recently has been reading about the zkSync, rollups and this king of things. There are a little black shadows in my knowlage, because all is new, but seems and interesting architecture.

In december I received my first amount, but since that date, I didn’t received any other payment beceuse the gas issue.

My question is: I need to wait to next payment period or I can receive my delayed payment at once before next month? How it works?

Thank you

Hello @fractal,
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If you opted-in for zkSync now, then you will receive all outstanding payouts in the next payout period, i.e. April.

I can send you testSTORJ on Rinkeby (Ethereum test network) and you can make yourself familiar with a technology. You need to switch your wallet to Rinkeby network and connect it to zkWallet — the access to L2 zkSync features on mainnet. | Rinkeby to see and withdrawal testSTORJ tokens.
When you feel comfortable with it, you can switch the wallet back to the mainnet and connect to https://wallet.zksync.io/ after middle of April (we sends payout in the first two weeks of the next month for a previous).
If you want to test - please, give me your wallet address.


hi. I would also like to test the network before switching to zkSync. Can you send me a test token ?


Hello, send me test token too… please…


Hello @Luis,
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Hello @HackerZ,
Welcome to the forum!


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I received and withdraw 5 storj.
It is not complicated.
I’ll prepare my nodes for zkSync.

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Maybe i’m also can test?
My address 0x95a7855dF34c17901767A60eCD0200cF3a8a3f20


@Alexey thanks…
I tried L2> L1 transaction. Tokens had to fall into my Rinkeby Test Network wallet? … Transaction data status Complete, but metamask wallet balance 0 so far.
zkSync Rinkeby Explorer — trustless scalable payments (zkscan.io)

Look at here:
Test Storj-Token is different on rinkeby

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Thank you @Alexey for the welcome. Doubts are solved. I will wait to payment.

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