I think we still have a marketing problem

As a storj node operator since 2018, I’ve been waiting for years to be able to store my data on this network. As I read on the forum, many people have the same problem, many people request a storj-based dropbox or a way to store their backups.

I currently have to copy 4TB of data. I am limited by the 500GB that Storj DCS offers.

In addition to the limitations that the system currently offers, since duplicity, to store my backups, continually fails me, and filezilla, at least in version 3.55 of Fedora, does not appear the Storj protocol.

What is my option? Wait for a developer to create a system so that I can store the data that I want, at the price that he wants.

This is the most surreal thing I have ever seen, we have a working product, and we are waiting for developers, if they arrive …

Because Storj, does not make a commercial website, like tardigrade or another name, so that we can pay and store the data while the developers arrive, we are 8000 node operators that are potential clients that are not being taken advantage of.

The product is almost 100% working, and we don’t take advantage of it.

Dropbox used to be built on AWS… not by amazon, but by independent developers using AWS as a backend. Storj is the AWS in that equation. It’s primarily aimed at developers. Just like you don’t store your files directly on AWS (you can, but it’s not exactly consumer friendly), you wouldn’t do that with Storj either.

Yes, just like AWS waited for dropbox to come along and use their backend. That’s how these services work. They focus on creating the best storage backend for developers. This may result in a slightly slower start, but has much larger scaling potential. Because instead of relying on your own apps to become popular, you open the doors to many different types of usage and many different services to thrive on your platform. That’s not to say that you can’t make personal use cases work right now. It’s just going to be a bit more of a bumpy ride, because you are not the primary intended audience. That said, I have my backups on Storj for a while now. Never had an issue with it. Latest version of FileZilla also works fine and there is now a file browser in the satellite UI to make things simpler too.

If there is a marketing problem, then it’s that it apparently isn’t sufficiently clear who this product is primarily for. But I have a hard time buying that, since this is literally the first thing you see when you go to storj.io.


I think @BrightSilence is correct Storj is for developers. However I think Storj shall talk to QNAP and Synolgy and Nextcloud that they implement native support for Storj.

With this kind of option hopefully the network have some use cases.

E.G I am using the gateway and then duplicati to backup my data direct to the storj Network.

You can request to increase your limits any time: https://docs.storj.io/dcs/concepts/limits

For the DropBox like experience you can use rclone sync command - it will sync the specified folder on your PC with the bucket on Storj DCS. The other option is to use rclone mount and mount the bucket to the folder (this solution would not consume space on your disk).

For the backup purpose I would recommend to use Duplicati, it is especially useful that you can run it as a docker container and it can do backups by schedule.