Identity Generation App Design Update

:vulcan_salute: Hey everyone!

Our SNO Team is working on new web application for Identity Generation.
I’d like to share some design layouts with you.

Paste your Authorization Token

You will see this screen till the end of generation

Identity is ready

Also we will have a list of identities generated earlier

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


What problem is this solving?


Looks good. So how would this work? Is it still a local binary that functions as a web server for this web interface?

Not everyone is as comfortable with CLI’s.


At my opinion, an user-friendly interface will also attract more SNOs. Ultimately, the nodes should be accessible in one click, set and forget it (except for the monitoring look up), in the best world, even if we’re still far to this (but the Web dashboard is also there to offer more comfort and more infos and bug fixes with the updates & some Bright suggestions sometimes too hehe).

@sytnik Useless, and so needful suggestion; adding a discrete dark mode switch, like the current Web dashboard (if it can be switched or refreshed during the process?), like an “avant-goût” or “déjà vu” of the next step. Yes, I’m a Dark mode user, I like it! :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

If it is generating keys online but with local resources, couldn’t it be deteced as a virus because some browser thread is using 100% of the cpu?

And even though I understand the intention behind this, I think it’s not a good idea. Would be better to integrate it into the GUI installer and make it ask if you want to generate a new identity or use an existing one. Could even include receieving an auth token into the installer.

On linux that’s of course different with docker but long-term goal is to use binaries so it could be easily integrated there too.

Personally I’d prefer such a solution over creating identities on the webpage, because this makes the process only slightly easier while integrating everything into the gui installer would make the process child’s play.

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Why spend resources on something that isn’t a problem? Please fix the earnings calculator first.


Dear kevink,

That design is for the native application, rather than for web application. It will be the same process as it is now with CLI interface but with some GUI on top. Also, you are right about having computationally intensive process run in a browser thread is a bad idea.

The plan is to have a standalone app for identity generation, so identity generation can be run independently from setup process, as it can take several days for identity to be generated. However, having an option to start identity generation from the GUI installer in a non-blocking way is a good idea that we might want to add at some point.

I hope I addressed all your questions.



Thank you for your answer and addressing my questions. Sounds good to me.