Import from the input & Import from the input to the default access

What is “14dfgh…qr”? Can anybody help me understand what this value in quote represents?

Working on my first project and don’t understand the command lines for the “Import from the input” and “Import from the input to the default access”.

Documentation URL:

Import from the input

uplink import cheesecake 14dfgh…qr

Import from the input to the default access

uplink import 14dfgh…qr

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I believe it is the Access API Key generated through this

@litori is correct. You first generate the access grant, as result you will receive an serialized long string.
You can import this string to the uplink or gateway to have the same access. You can import it from the file: or just copy-paste from the output of the uplink share command.
The example of the serialized access grant:


It will give you an access to my bucket for the 1 minute from this post
I made it like this:

./uplink share sj://test --readonly --not-after +1m
=========== ACCESS RESTRICTIONS ==========================================================
Download  : Allowed
Upload    : Disallowed
Lists     : Allowed
Deletes   : Disallowed
NotBefore : No restriction
NotAfter  : 2020-07-11 00:52:34
Paths     : sj://test (entire bucket)
Access    : 14aVjfPqThXDB4ku5hDHTSdj6hXxgq5FevCRSQ16YHs6tWkdCYhu9hYjNFu5acJB3cCc3nebvjrZc7EXL2UXRe7T2i71uTedNXaUaC9qftYunUbKVvq6FnaFM5qh1ZZq1GYW2cRyYgXEN3HXWEiyGiXedmzDNanmiRdxJp28rNepHVNZeX9rRW78EZopvaPXKzz6K2K6Psi1SBK8HEXP9DXk8FgoxC5ddiW1956dKUaXXp3chftvSQZo48p1fTiLXiK
=========== BROWSER URL ==================================================================
URL       :
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When you import the access string, you can import it to the default access configuration, it will be used every time when you use uplink or gateway without specifying the name of the access grant.
The other method is to import the access string to the named access grant.
For example, if I want to import the serialized access grant to the configuration of uplink with an exact name, I would do it like this:
In this example the cheesecake is a name of the access grant.
Then I can use this name instead of long serialized access every time when I want to use these access rights:

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Thanks for the help! I was able to get a couple of files uploaded and accessible from a browser which was my objective for this first exercise.

Once other question, the BROWSER URL shown in Alexey’s post - Is it safe to send out this URL since it appears to have the API key embedded in it? My objective is to provide access to a PDF document in the notes for a podcast, so lots of people may be accessing the file.

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you don’t need to worry as it is not an API key but Access and nobody can use it to remove this file or do anything with your project


Thank you! This worked!

Thank you as well! Have the PDF ‘hosted’ and accessible now.

You can finely specify rights to the file or entire bucket with options of the ./uplink share:

      --disallow-deletes                  if true, disallow deletes
      --disallow-lists                    if true, disallow lists
      --disallow-reads                    if true, disallow reads
      --disallow-writes                   if true, disallow writes
      --not-after string                  disallow access after this time (e.g. '+2h', '2020-01-02T15:01:01-01:00')
      --not-before string                 disallow access before this time (e.g. '+2h', '2020-01-02T15:01:01-01:00')
      --readonly                          implies disallow_writes and disallow_deletes
      --writeonly                         implies disallow_reads and disallow_lists

With a new release you will be able to revoke access grant too.

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