Incoherent disk space / bandwith usage


Can you help me understand the logic of the relationship between these numbers ?
These are from my node dashboard, over the last 3 days. I usually peek into the dashboard at breakfast, and this is what I get:

April 16th : 62,77TBh disk space used, 245GB ingress, ~600 GB “disk space remaining” (the following morning)
April 17th: 39,36 TBh, 207 GB ingres, ~290 GB remaining
April 18th: 76,18 TBh, 217 GB ingres, ~70 GB remaining

Doing some maths:

  • Between April 16th and 17th, there is 23,41 TBh less. That would need nearly 1 TB deleted at midnight and never replaced, right ? (or 2TB deleted at noon). Since only 245 GB ingres was received that day, I should have seen a big increase in my “disk space remaining”, which is not the case. Instead, I’m using 310 GB MORE than the day before, which is still more than what I have downloaded…
  • Again, between April 17th and 18th : a 36,82 TBh difference, meaning somehow 1,5 TB of data magically appeared on my node at midnight on the 17th. Or 3TB at noon. The 207 GB of ingres I got on that day are far from filling that much space, so where does the rest come from ? But this time the “disk space remaining” evolution seems coherent.

Is my math correct ? And if so, how can we explain the inconsistency in numbers ?

As a side note, I’ve also monitored the size of the trash folder : it’s never more than 6 Gb. So I doubt it’d be related with deleted data.

Thank you

Thanks, I’ve read this already, and my question remains.

That’s not the purpose of the trash folder. Not all deleted files, go there. Only files which the customer deleted, but your node failed to delete for whatever reason gets picked up by garbage collection and moved into trash for 7 days.