Increase of the egress statistics since few weeks


My tats show that my node is becoming much more egress traffic than the previous months. This leeds to some questions:

  1. Is this a consequence of tests made by the STORJ staff and developpers ?
  2. Could I imagnine these stats would contunue next month, even if I have to Keep in mind, this is only an estimate of possible earnings and not a guarantee of any kind.
  3. Am I a world class SNO with advanced compentences ? :wink:

Thanks in advance.


There is stress test on Stefenbenten Satellite. I last from 31.12.2019

You would be correct as these are mostly tests to for egress and see how it can handle uploading, some is user data as well but its mostly test data so I wouldn’t expect this to be the normal for each month.

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Does anybody know how long this Stefan egress stress test will last?