Increase storage space

I know this is configurable but I just want a “reality check” if this is desirable?

I’m running storage spaces for my storage node, that allows me to shrink or grow the pool over time. I don’t foresee this as happening in the near future but who knows…

Would it be better to expand my pool (keeping the reputation) or create a new pool every time the existing will run out of capacity?

I don’t foresee new CPU cycles to be added, the current server has dual PSUs/UPS and disk redundancy . In fact I’m thinking about moving my storage node to a VM as I’m running a cluster - will increase availability.

It kind of depends on the pool. I would avoid this if it’s a multi disk pool without redundancy as every added disk would add to the risk of failure. But if we’re talking about expanding on a redundant array, then yes, try to run one node. Otherwise, run one node per HDD.