Ingress vs "total" discrepency

I love being a storj node operator.

Quick questions: I noticed last month the node registered 410 GB of ingress. However, I was keeping track by hand and the “total” drive space used only went up by about 170GB. That is to say that at the end of October the total was .86 TB, but at the end of November it was 1.03 TB.

I’m guessing this is normal but I am hoping someone can explain to me so that I may better understand how the network works. My understanding was the ingress is the data added to hardrive. Shouldn’t the “total” space used increase by the same amount as the ingress for a given month?

Thank you in advance.

I believe that deletes aren’t deducted from the total incoming so you aren’t seeing the “net” change overall.

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it seems a lot of ingress is often deleted shortly after…
ofc not always the case
sometimes not much of it is deleted… but this seems to be the outlier