Internet Archive Presentation by Storj Labs for 05-13-20


I’d be interested in some sort of storage space donation to the Internet Archive in light of the news I’ve been hearing regarding Publisher lawsuits in response to the Internet Archive’s recent book lending process during the C-19 lockdowns.


I absolutely love these guys.

They tried to start a bank back in the day, IAFCU, I had account number 888 :slight_smile:

I’m all for helping out, this would be a GREAT way to test the network out. Also they are a true non profit, so I would think that StorJ’s contributions to them would be tax deductable as well.

This may be the coolest people storj has partnered with yet man. I’m getting my space boots ready.


Guess Filecoin took the chance (even though April 1st seems like an odd date for that announcement):