Invalid configuration file key

This one is new!
Windows node, running fine still on 0.31.12!
Should I be worried?


Did you follow this thread ?

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But the thing is, my node is online and getting traffic, and apparently working fine.

Interesting, maybe if you restarted your node the new issue would start affecting it.

Do check if your storagenode updater is running.

Yes, all is working great, get a lot of “uploaded”, node is online, both services are up and running.
These errors only appear when I restart storagenode updater service.
Funny enough, it´s only happening on this Windows node. I have another one which does show this INFO´s.
Other than running 0.31.12 and on my Pi´s running 0.33.4, all is good:

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Those errors are from the storagenode-updater service and can be safely ignored.