Invited but not invited?

I am node operator and received invite to Tardigrade. Clicking to EU region and system says i’am not invited yet.
Please check


Did you get an actual invite? This email just shows you signed up for an invite and this is just an email that is sent to anyone who has signed up to get an invite.

This would be the email with the invite.

found previous mail with invite from 7 December. Successfully registered with link inside


Hello, I live in Central Europe. I have got more email with “Tardigrade is here: get 1TB of free storage” subjects last few weeks. I try create account in europe-west-1 satellite with email link but I can’t.The system says "we are unable… this is a invite-only alpha, pls join out wait list… But I can create account in USA satellite with email link finally without any problem.
My question is the europe-west-1 satellit works fine? I live in Europe so I would like to use the europe-west satellit.
Thank you for your answer.

Hello @gyarm,
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Have you received an actual invite with links to the Tardigrade satellites?

Yes. I have got invite invite email on jan 14 twice (“2nd with Tardigrade is here: get 1TB of free storage (Now with links!)” subject, and jan 18 (“Claim your 1 TB of free storage subject”) and jan 24 (“Start storing data on Tardigrade today)”.
I tried to register more on europe-west satellite but I can’t register (gyam…@v…hu) Finally I tried register on the usa satellite and I wonder the registration was succesfully without any problem.

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If you are still having trouble registering your account, please file a support ticket at with the details regarding the satellite your account is connected so we can help you get set up.

Yes. The europe-west satellite registration problem still with my email. I sent a support ticket on
Thank you

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I am also only able to create an account on the US satellite, Europe and Asia return: “we are unable to create your account. This is an invite-only alpha, please join our waitlist to receive an invitation” [sic]