Is EPNS Protocol a great opportunity for Storj technology?


I’ve just heard of Ethereum Push Notification Service. Basically, it allows dApps, smart contracts and even centralized / traditional applications to send notifications to their users.

I think it could be a great opportunity for Storj for 2 mains reasons:

  1. It would allow Storj to get in touch with its community without having to get their email, and so on.
  2. Currently, the payload of the notifications is stored on IPFS but the architecture allows for other storage protocols to be implemented. It could be real good use case for Storj.

I know point 1 may raise some legal issues. But in my point of view, Storj could still be a real good storage layer for EPNS (point 2).

I’m just discovering it but if you want to get more details, check the website and read the lightpaper (at least p. 1&2) to get the whole idea.

Would love to hear from you guys/girls :grinning:

Happy new year and take care!

Thanks for sharing! Indeed, this is an interesting concept.

I’d imagine that the notification payload is still a relatively small amount of data (KB, not MB or GB). So I am not sure if their Data Layer is attractive for integration with Storj where we focus on larger files.

However, Storj satellites using EPNS for user and bucket notifications might be attractive in the future:

  • If we implement wallet-based login, Storj satellites may push important notifications to the user wallet directly instead of through email.
  • If we implement bucket notifications, those may be pushed to dApps via EPNS.
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Indeed, that could be interesting use cases!