Is it normal i still have 20.2GB on Stefan Benten satellite blobs folder?

I have 20.2GB of data on 1 of my nodes in the ‘/blobs/abforhuxbzyd35blusvrifvdwmfx4hmocsva4vmpp3rgqaaaaaaa’ folder that was used to store the datas from this discontinued sattellite.

This node had .db issues that i fixed and also i made a mistake moving databases in the container for a couple of hours, so maybe those datas were not erased for those very reasons ?

EDIT: I checked by picking and all the files were created on the same date : 27 and 28th of july 2019

should i manually delete it ?


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I don’t think so.

I did a graceful exit for this satellite on one of my nodes 1 or 2 months ago. Now, I don’t have this folder anymore.
On my other nodes (on which I didn’t make a graceful exit for this satellite), this folder is still there.

So I suppose it should be quickly erased automatically. I wouldn’t try to do it myself manually.

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