Is it ok to setup a storage node for only 4 months?

From what i understand a storage node going offline means data has to be repaired, so if i can only host the node for 4 months, and then have to shut it down, would it still be beneficial to the storj network? or should i just not bother?

Thats not really the idea of running a node if you can only run for 4 months your going to loose out on your own escrow so you wouldnt be getting paid the amount you would in 9 months time. You would be hurting yourself and not so much the network, If you know you can’t keep running the node I wouldn’t waste your time doing so. Less your doing it for fun. If your able to run your node 6 months you can use graceful exit and not loose out on all your escrow.

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Keep in mind the time requirement for graceful exit was intended to be 15 months. It was only set to 6 months so the process could be tested by a few production nodes before the first nodes became 15 months old.
This requirement could be upped to the intended 15 months in the coming 4 months as well.