Is it possible to resume the graceful exit after a system crash on Windows after a clean install if the data was secured?

Dear Storj,
While I was doing a Graceful Exit on Windows 10, I had a powercut and had to shut down my PC.
When I powered the PC back on it was a dead blue screen. So, I just did a clean install assuming that there was no way I could have resumed the progress.
The question lies if I would have been able to resume the progress of graceful exit on the same clean installed Windows PC if my data were safe.

Seems like your having the same issues you already posted on this topic once before. here Should I use two hard disk or one hard disk for Storj? i.e: one for the Storj data and other for the operating system?

No, I was concerned for the future and be prepared about it if same thing happens again in the near future. I want to know if it is possible to resume the graceful exit after moving the remaining data to new location from a clean installed Windows because the previous Windows won’t boot up!

If you started a graceful exit you cannot stop it so if you started your node already it will start where it left off. If all the data is still on the drive you can finish if you lost all the data it will not finish. Also the last topic told you to disable write caching so you wouldn’t run into these issues again, power cuts dont make windows stop starting.

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Even on a clean installed windows?

If you still have the data yes. Windows install has nothing to do with your node. But if you formated the drive that had your identity you wont be able to run your node again. Unless you saved it in the same drive as the nodes data is.

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Thanks for the info.