Is it vetted or not?

Hi team,

how can i see if my node is vetted on a sattelite?
I have used the success script from github, but it tells me about 60 positive audits on a node that is online about 100% for about a month now.


It will be vetted on a satellite when it passes 100 audits on that specific satellite.

Absolute audit counts per satellite have been removed from the API recently. I think atm the only way to see those is from the db’s directly. Which is the method the earnings calculator uses. If you want to see vetting progress you can use that.

Cool thanks!

I have used it to get the vetting information.
It seems that this is extremly slow, node is online im month 2 now.
Guessing Satelite US has finished vetting, right?
But why do i get so less data then?

This looks normal. You haven’t been online 30 days yet.

us2 has completed vetting.

You can check the log file for any errors or use the Successrate script to check if you’re losing the download races.

us2 happens to also be the least used satellite. Vetting speeds up over time so I think in about a week you have most of them vetted. You’ll start getting more data then.